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Registration Information for Center for Yoga, Movement and Massage

At Center for Yoga, Movement and Massage (CFYMM) students utilize two distinct models. Class Bundles and Class Sessions. 

Class Bundles are used throughout the studio with different instructors. Not all teachers accept Bundles.

Class Sessions are consecutive weekly classes for a consecutive number of weeks. These Sessions have distinct start and end dates. Classes are taken weekly with the same teacher at the same time throughout the session dates. Sessions range from 6-10 weeks at a time. 

Most instructors offer a drop-in class fee which can be purchased at the start of the class. That fee is set by the individual instructor and can be found on the instructors personal page. 

To purchase Bundles or Sessions, please go to the Instructors page. Or call 517.333.9883 or the instructor you are interested in attending classes with.

For further details on how to register for classes or for more information about pricing options do not  hesitate to call us at 517.333.9883, (or call the individual instructor you are interested). We do not have a front desk person so Please leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. 

Our Schedule

2019 Summer Schedule 

Unless otherwise noted, the classes listed are ongoing and uninterrupted. For EXACT dates or skipped dates, email or call the instructor directly. That information can be found on the instructor info page;

 Sunday - go to Instructors info  for exact dates! 
 Time Level TeacherStudio Class infoFee 
3:30-4:30 pmKids YogaJessica1Kids Yoga

Feeling the need for a peaceful and calming practice to calm your body, mind and soul?  Join Jeanne Yates Tomlinson for a calming restorative practice to sooth the mind and renew the body

 Monday - go to Instructors info for exact dates!
 Time Level TeacherStudio  Class TitleFee 
9-10:15 am BasicMisty3Yoga Basics$B
9:30-11:30 amIIRuth1Iyengar Yoga $170
1:00-2:00 pmGentleMisty1Gentle Yoga$B
5:30-7:30 pmIIIRuth1Iyengar Yoga 
5:30-7:00 pm AllKathy3Ageless Yoga $84
7:45-9:15 pmI/IIRuth1Iyengar Yoga 
 Tuesday - go to Instructors info for exact dates!
 Time Level TeacherStudio  Class Info Fee 
7-8:00 am AllCandace3
Early Morning Yoga
5:45-7:15 pmBegRuth1Iyengar Yoga
6-7:00 pm
7:30-9:30 pmIIRuth1Iyengar Yoga $170
7:15-8:45 pmAllHannah 3Restorative YogaAsk 

**sign up with for Tuesday and Friday Early Morning Yoga and save 10%. 

 Wednesday - go to Instructors info for exact dates!  
 Time Level TeacherStudio  Class TitleFee 
7:00-8:00 amallJessica1Early morning flow
8:30-9:30 amallJessica 1Yin Yoga
10-11:30 amI/IIRuth1Iyengar Yoga 
AgelessKathy3Ageless Yoga 
12-1:00 pmChairMisty1Chair YogaBundle
1:00-2:00 pmAllMisty3Level 2 Therapeutic
5:30-6:30 pmPrenatalKathy3Prenatal Yoga $20/per
5:30-7:15 pmI/IIRuth1Iyengar Yoga  .
6:30-7:30 pmAllNoelle 2Anat Baniel class$72
7:45-9:15 pmAllLeslie

indicates only $17 drop-ins are available for online purchase (Level B pricing plan)

" indicates only $20 drop-ins are available for online purchase (Level C pricing plan)

 Thursday - go to Instructors info for exact dates!  
 Time Level TeacherStudio  Class TitleFee 
3Integration Yoga
10:30-11:45 am
 1Yoga for Health & Wellness
6-7:30 pm I/IIJane1Alignment based Yoga
5:45-7:15 pm GentleShanemarie
Gentle Yoga 
7:45-9:00 pmBegHannah1Beginner's Yoga $88/13

' indicates only $17 drop-ins are available for online purchase (Level B pricing plan)

 Friday - go to Instructors info for exact dates!  
 Time Level TeacherStudio  Class TitleFee 
7-8:00 am
 AllCandace 3Early Morning!  $90/B
9:00-10:30 am2/3Misty1Level 2/3 Flow$B
10:45-12 noonAllMisty1Yoga for Arthritis$B

**sign up for Tuesday and Friday early morning Yoga and save 10%

 Saturday - go to Instructors info for exact dates!  
 Time Level TeacherStudio  Class TitleFee 

9:30-10:45 amBasicLeslie3Jivamukti$B
10:15-11:45 am2/3Misty1Level 2/3 Flow$B
11:00 am-12:30 pmAll LevelLeslie3Open Jivamukti class$B

Special Event this Saturday morning!  Udana Sequence with Ruth Fisk

8:30-10 AM Saturday, March 30. $20 fee (proceeds go to scholarship fund)

The Udana Sequence with Ruth Fisk, created by Master teacher Jehangir Palkhivala. Join me for a class to prepare for the Upcoming Yoga retreat with Jehangir Palkhivala. Udan means to 'fly' and this sequence is a wonderful representation of just that! Modifications for the sequence will be shared and we will practice the Surya Mantras that are part of the sequence as well.