Yoga Levels

Levels: We use the term to describe what you can expect when you attend a class. We want you to be comfortable where you are so that you can progress safely in the practice. 

Names of Yoga classes that are Supportive for Every Body who is interested in utilizing Yoga for Health and Wellness

Level I: Basic fundamentals class for beginners of all styles. Good idea to do a beginners class prior to joining a level 1. This level is great for students to familiarize them selves with Iyengar Yoga or other traditions taught at the center. 

Level I/II: For students with some experience in classes at Center for Yoga and feel ready for a gradual transition into deepening their understanding of Yoga.

Level II: Moving beyond the basic asanas. Inversions are introduced. Twists, forward and backward extensions are integrated into regular classes.  

Level II/III: Students in these classes are firmly established in the practice of Yoga and are invited to further their understanding. 

Level III: For students who have proficient understanding in asana and pranayama. Regular practice of Inversions are required as well as being firmly established in daily practice outside of class. By invitation only from the instructor.

  • Gentle Ageless Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Introductory Series
  • Yoga for Health Challenges
  • Gentle Yoga 
  • Beginners Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Yoga for Arthritis
  • Early morning Yoga
  • Therapeutic Yoga

Level I

For beginners who are ready to move into the practice further. This class develops a students understanding and builds the foundation from which all the practices of Yoga grow from no matter the style or tradition.  Students will progress steadily and safely towards understanding more about the fundamentals of posture, alignment and breath. Most students feel comfortable to stay in Level I for many sessions or a lifetime. This level is helpful for students new to Iyengar style yoga, or returning to Yoga after a hiatus. Level I expands and consolidates the basic principles of alignment of the standing poses, the seated poses and the movements of the spine for beginning forward and backward extensions as well as seated twists. This level is appropriate for those with chronic back, neck, knee, or hip ailments or limitations that require support.

Level I/II

For beginners and students who prefer a more gradual transition to Level II. Ideal for those with previous Yoga experience or who are new to our studio and want to become acquainted with our styles and methods at the center. In this class we spend time learning all about the postures and our relationship to them; the effects and the use of them in our life. 

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Level II

Students in this class who feel ready to move more deeply into the practice of Yoga. The basic poses are refined with an emphasis on breath and movement. Inverted poses are introduced, as well as the philosophy and suggestions for home practice. For students who have studied or practiced Iyengar yoga for six months or more, this level builds upon the concepts introduced in level 1. At this level, students also begin to practice poses such as Setu Bandha (bridge pose) and supported Sarvangasana (shoulder stand). Additionally, students prepare for Sirsasana (headstand) by building strength and awareness of the core and upper body anatomy.

Level II/III

Students in this class are firmly established in their practice of Yoga and are ready to move beyond the basics. The emphasis of this class goes beyond gross physical actions of basic asana and pranayama. It teaches more complex asana and pranayamas, subtle action in basic poses, higher levels of concentration and coordination of mental and physical states as part of a complete yoga practice.

Level III

For serious students and teachers. For students with  prior Iyengar or Viniyoga or Vinyasa or Kundalini training who are strong in their practice and are confident in their inversions and backbends. Formal pranayama and philosophy is taught as is meditation and chanting.

Gentle Yoga

These classes are for students who are stiff, recovering from health issues, or have a particular limitation, or who would prefer a slower paced, less rigorous class. May be joined at anytime.

Ageless Yoga

For all ages and levels. Developed especially for people over 50 years old, this class focuses on helping to enhance flexibility, strength, longevity and balance in a supportive environment.

Introductory Series

For students new to Yoga or Iyengar Yoga.  The asanas (poses) are focused on in their purpose and alignment and value to Yoga overall, teaches basic body mechanics and introduces the idea of connecting the mind to the body. This class appropriate for those returning to or starting a yoga practice, or for those who have done other kinds of yoga but who have not studied Iyengar methodology.


This class has many names and is for people looking to support their health through the practice of Yoga. Classical asanas are taught with support and are modified to suit each individual. Standing poses, forward bends, twists, and beginning backbends are taught along with resting asanas all supported to give relief from pain and understanding of extension and how to move from the hips and shoulders.

Restorative Yoga

Yoga for Arthritis

Chair Yoga